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Pest Productions



CD, Pest Productions, 6 panel Digipak, 2021

NZ Post/Atmospheric Black Metal

"What started like a distant whisper from the outworld tranquil pond immediately turns into a howling riff storms of tearing emotions, then after 5 songs of wandering inside that colorful while dreamscape, the journey ends with a slow-paced absconding into the profound and lasting mist. Kairos is the latest output of the long prolific New Zealander behind Súl ad Astral, a project most Post Black Metal fan should be familiar with. On the other hand, Mistchaser is something beyond your typical Post Black Metal, even though he does quite often return to this area quite often with passages of inebriant and quiescent post-rock melodies, Kairos is actually an album full of many other terrains that reminiscent of sharp and ferocious Atmospheric Black Metal riffing, which sonically becomes perfect embodiment of the above-mentioned journey of uncertainty into the stream of Time. " -

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