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MEMENTO MORI - death/doom metal label pre-order!

CD Death Metal

A couple of new wholesale orders are on their way to the label at the moment, including,

  • SEANCE (vinyl restock of NAZXUL's Totem on vinyl)
  • BRILLIANT EMPEROR (new Australian label, covered next!) and,
  • (what we are talking about here today!) the inimitable... MEMENTO MORI!

Memento Mori are a Spanish based label founded in early 2010 that focuses on old school Death Metal, Doom Metal and Thrash Metal. They're also known for releasing only on CD, and in my opinion, being one of the best labels out there for releasing consistently at a very high standard.

I've placed a few wholesale orders over the years and another one is on its way. Ando in this order are a bunch of killer releases from July 2020;

And from the previous month,

All of these releases I can highly recommend. And you can be sure copies are making their way into my personal collection once they arrive!

As always, go to for information on these releases and also links to bandcamp/YouTube to listen to the sounds of death!

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