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TYRANNIC (AUS) - Ethereal Sepulchre CD

Seance Records

TYRANNIC (AUS) - Ethereal Sepulchre CD


CD, Seance Records, Ecopak, Ltd Ed of 500, 2018

Australian Black Metal

'Australia's Tyrannic charges forth with their debut album in 2018! Like the barbaric grunt of the beast chewing upon traditional Black metal then spewing forth the ‘UGH’ soul of Celtic Frost with a murky bile of down tempo doom and primeval hypnotic drum battery followed by the gnashing of teeth, bristling of fur and strike of tail true to Black metal’s savage, aggressive, obscurity. Comes in gatefold digi-sleeve edition limited to 500 copies. Exclusive Tyrannic logo patch available with the first 100 copies only. Choose the patch bundle in the drop down menu.' -

This CD is also available as a bundle with WOE Zine #2 where TYRANNIC has been interviewed.


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