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SOULROT	- Victims of Spiritual Warfare CD

Memento Mori

SOULROT - Victims of Spiritual Warfare CD


CD, Memento Mori, 2020

Chilean Death Metal

Artwork by César Valladares (Krisiun 'Arise From Blackness',  Nominon 'Chaos In The Flesh... Live!',  Mystic Charm 'Shadows Of The Unknown')

'bone-scraping, old school death metal with a consistency and command seldom seen in the underground' -

'these Chilean barbarians punch all the right buttons in their quest to reanimate the rotten corpse of early ’90s death metal while simultaneously blistering listeners with grindcore explosiveness.' -

'The tracks on this album combine brutally fast grinding feral savagery with occasional slower, doom-laden crushing dirges, resulting in music that is crunchy and barbed.' -

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