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DIPYGUS - Bushmeat CD

Memento Mori

DIPYGUS - Bushmeat CD


CD, Memento Mori, 2021

US Death Metal

'Showcasing more exotic and repulsive themes of the supernatural and taboo, "Bushmeat" presents an uncensored and unrelenting spectacle, with each element of the previous work irresponsibly taken to a further extreme. A prime cut of raw and grueling terror, it is fit for consumption by headhunters, body-snatchers, toad-venom junkies, cargo cultists, aquatic ape theorists, disaster tourists, carriers of tropical disease, voodoo practitioners and orgone revivalists only. All others have been warned... Memento Mori recommends Dipygus for fans of Autopsy, Impetigo, Undergang, Asphyx and Nuclear Death.' -

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