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CARDIAC ARREST - The Day That Death Prevailed CD

Memento Mori

CARDIAC ARREST - The Day That Death Prevailed CD


CD, Memento Mori, 2020

US Death Metal

Artwork by Eric Rot (Master 'Command Your Fate (The Demo Collection)',  The Skull (US) 'The Longing')

'...honestly fun as fuck, as any death metal band should be, blending the fast and slow-paced tempo without sounding [like] a third-rate imitator' 9/10 -

'The Day That Death Prevailed isn’t fancy or pretty, it’s a blunt force, aural concussion.' 4/5 -

' fast, angry, and pissed off as they come.' 8/10 -

'CARDIAC ARREST is the SLAYER of death metal.  Period.' -

'This is death metal at its best. It’s solid, disgustingly heavy and hella fun. This record sucks you in and spits you out.' -

'...their rigorously fine-tuned form of death metal squarely harkens to older, purer days - when true songwriting was valued most, and the disgusting chops to back it up. Cardiac Arrest do both...' -

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