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Sevared Records



Sevared Records, 2011

Brutal Death Metal

"Sevared Records is very proud to announce the release of the 1st official DVD of the 1st official annual Sevared Records "Brutality Reigns" Festival 2011!!! This 2 day festival was recorded in high definition video (3 separate HD cameras) and incredible audio!! This DVD will change how you look at festival dvds!! Featuring: Short Bus Pile Up, Visceral Disgorge, Animals Killing People, The Gurchick Tree, Abnormality, Scaphism, Pig Rectum, Malformed, etc.. and behind the scenes footage, and tons more!! Fucking SICK, AND ONLY THE BEGINNING!!! STRICTLY LIMITED TO 1000 COPIES!!! DON'T MISS THIS MONUMENT TO BRUTALITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" -

 DVD tracks;

1    The Gurchick Tree–    Realms Of Dehumanization    2:05
2    The Gurchick Tree–    Incised Cyst Autoerotism    1:36
3    The Gurchick Tree–    Severed Head Sodomy    2:01
4    Short Bus Pile Up–    Ball-Peen Beating    3:29
5    Short Bus Pile Up–    Urethral Myiasis    1:44
6    Short Bus Pile Up–    Stench of Her Burning Flesh    1:56
7    Short Bus Pile Up–    Labia Beautification    1:48

Day 2    
8    Malformed (2)–    Bloodlust Of The Beasts    5:04
9    Pig Rectum–    Torque Wrench Lobotomy    2:03
10    Pig Rectum–    Jackhammer Vasectomy    2:08
11    Pig Rectum–    Chainsaw Colonoscopy    1:07
12    Animals Killing People–    Mad Monkey Surgery    2:19
13    Animals Killing People–    Kentucky Fried Killing    1:52
14    Animals Killing People–    Bear Cut Open Full Of People    1:45
15    Animals Killing People–    Coat Of Human Skin    2:32
16    Visceral Disgorge–    Ball-Gagged and Gutted    4:20
17    Scaphism–    Pathogenic Bacteria    4:12
18    Scaphism–    Encephalopathy    4:04
19    Abnormality–    Hatred Endless    3:31
20    Abnormality–    Taste Of Despair    4:11
21    Abnormality–    The Collective Calm In Mortal Oblivion    5:09
22    Abnormality–    A Chaos Reserved    4:19

Other Menu Items    
23    Sevared Records–    A Look Back    3:19
24    Sevared Records–    Trailer    0:49

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