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BLACK MOLD PHALLANX - Scabbed Insect Requiem Pro CD-R

Verminous Recordings

BLACK MOLD PHALLANX - Scabbed Insect Requiem Pro CD-R


CD-R, Verminous Recordings, Ltd Ed of 100, Slimline DVD case, A4 fold-out insert, 2016

US Experimental Goregrind / Noise

"Finally out from incubation in the Verminous Recordings laboratory, Black Mold Phallanx emits "Scabbed Insect Requiem"... Almost 50 experiments in bizarre musical entomology and abstract insectoid splatter-gore-noise. Unreleased and obscure rarities that had long been festering deep in subterranean catacombs in nests where the voices of deceased arachnids still haunt. Insidious and grotesque hymns composed between the larval stages of metamorphosis and during the host infestation of the mind behind the project, The Dead Spider.

Pro pressed and duplicated CDR with fold-out insert, in a limited edition of 100 copies." -


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