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New GRAVE DESECRATOR 'Immundissime Spiritus' CD pre-order!

GRAVE DESECRATOR 'Immundissime Spiritus' CD pre-order here!
CD, From Deepest Records, 12 page booklet, Jewel case
Release date 12 May 2023!
Grave Desecrator are Satanic Black/Death Metal from Brazil.
Destroying minds and reaping souls since 1998.
'Immundissime Spiritus' is their 4th album, which comes 7 years since their last album 'Dust To Lust' in 2016.
The artwork was created by the Brazilian illustrator Alexandre Moicano

01. Necromantical Hex
02. Death Misery Ecstasy
03. Finis Hominis
04. Missa Pro Defunctis
05. Fogo Fátuo
06. Occult Bewitchment
07. Miasma
08. Fuck The Dead (G.G. Allin cover)
09. Rapists From The Cross
10. Whited Sepulchre

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