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BY THIS AXE I RULE! + SLOWLY WE ROT zines on pre-order!! Stock updates!


BY THIS AXE I RULE! is a "Conan-worshipping fanzine focused on extreme music" and the latest issue, #6, is currently in transit and on pre-order, so FREE shipping in New Zealand!

A5 format, 120 pages, black&white, pro-printed
Interviews: with DECEASED (us), RUNEMAGICK (se), MITHRAS (uk), ZEALOTRY (us), FATUM (ru), CONVOCATION (fi), FVNERAL FVKK (ge), INNUMERABLE FORMS (us), KOMMAND (us), HEXER (ge), EVIL SPECTRUM (pe), CHAOTIAN (dk), SPIRITLESS (us), MORTAL INCARNATION (jp) + current Death Metal from Chile special report (I of II) + Reviews, 2021





SLOWLY WE ROT is a fanzine from "Transylvania covering traditional extreme metal", their latest issue, #18 (+ compilation CD), is also in transit with FREE NZ shipping. There are also a number of back issues from 2020 and 2019 on their way.


A4, black/white, glossy print

Featuring interviews with: 1914, Ad Nauseam, Adventum Diaboli, Anatomia, Aposento, Baest, Bloated Pig, Cadaveria, Carnal Savagery, Clouds, Codex Nero, Disgorged Foetus, Erupted Evil, Faecal Putrefaction, Fractal Universe,Gore Insanity,Grimleal,GrozaIn Mourning, Infernal Throne, Keep of Kalessin, Nargathrond, Nightfall, Panzergoat, Persekutor, Psycho Mantis, Relentless Aggression, Suffering Hour, Temple of Decay, Terminal Carnage, Transilvania, Vergeblichkeit, Wallfahrer, Zmarchrob, Zora + special interview about the digital "scene" with Vlad Busca, Head of Digital at Universal Music Romania + reviews + free compilation CD




ZINE, English, A4, 56 pages, black/white, glossy factory printed

Featuring interviews with: Anthropic, Cyanide Grenade, Die Entweihung, Djinn-Ghül, Emperium, Galvornhathol, Gloomy Grim, Goat Tyrant, Grom Records, Haunted Cenotaph, Human SerpentInhumate, Königreichssaal, Lost in Grey, Mask of Satan, Mephorash, Moeror, Mortiferuz, Nervosa, Night Crowned, Obscure Relic, Ossario, Psychotic Waltz, Rabid Flesh Eaters, Sibireal, Speedkiller, Terrordome, The Flesh Trading Company, Tiran, Vanhelga, Vermilia, Yaldabaoth, Yoth Iria + Hungarian Scene Report + reviews + free compilation CD



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