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Black/Death/Doom... Synth(!?!) pre-orders! SNORLAX, RESIN TOMB, MAMMON'S THRONE, TIR, ANTINOË, ORTNIT and more!

New stock arriving soon from these Australian labels;

SNORLAX (Australian Black/Death/Doom metal)
RESIN TOMB (Australian Grind/Death Metal)
MAMMON'S THRONE (Australian Death/Doom/Trad Doom)
TIR (Turkish Dark Folk/Dungeon Synth)
ORTNIT (German Dungeon Synth)
ANTINOË (Spanish Neo-classical/Black Metal)
All pre-orders ship for FREE in New Zealand!
SNORLAX (AUS) - The Necrotrophic Abyss LP ORANGE VINYL (Australian Black/Death/Doom metal)
SNORLAX (AUS) - The Necrotrophic Abyss LP BLUE TRANSPARENT VINYL (Australian Black/Death/Doom metal)
SNORLAX (AUS) - The Necrotrophic Abyss CD (Australian Black/Death/Doom metal)

RESIN TOMB (AUS) - Unconsecrated//Ascendancy 7" FLURO GREEN (Australian Grind/Death Metal)

TIR - Awaiting The Dawn LP BLUE TRANSPARENT VINYL (Turkish Dark Folk/Dungeon Synth)
MAMMON'S THRONE (AUS)    - Mammon's Throne LP PURPLE TRANSPARENT VINYL (Australian Death/Doom/Trad doom)
GOLGOTHAN REMAINS - Adorned In Ruin LP BLACK VINYL (Australian Death Metal)
SPIRE (AUS) - Entropy CD (Australian Black Metal/Ambient)
ORTNIT - Ortnit TAPE (German Dungeon Synth)

TIR - Awaiting the Dawn CD (Turkish Dark Folk/Dungeon Synth)

RUINS OF XIBALBA (AUS) - Gobeklitepe TAPE (Australian Dark Ambient/Folk)

ANTINOË - Whispers from the Dark Past CD (Spanish Neo-classical/Black Metal)

TARKIN TURFER (AUS) / TIR - In the Shade of Sun​’​s Path TAPE (Australian Dungeon Synth // Turkish Dark Folk/Dungeon Synth)

THE ANISEED SHROUD (AUS) - Brief Allusions of a Forgotten Yore TAPE (Australian Dungeon Synth)

VISHAL NAIDU - Fragments Of Serenity TAPE (Indian Neo Folk)

MANTIS & SHADOW (AUS) - The Rites of Eleusis TAPE (Australian Neo Classical/Dark Ambient)

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