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ARTANOR - 'In Servitude Of Darkness'

Australian Black Metal

Conjured from the mind of Menelyagor, 'In Servitude of Darkness' weaves an epic tale of a realm hanging in the balance. A tale of might and magic is set to the strains of blistering black metal that will captivate the imagination and inflame the soul -

For fans of: Judas Iscariot, Evilfeast, Nargaroth

Release Date: Friday, 22nd July 2023

Available in Black or Obsidian Marbled Vinyl and CD

Now in stock!

PIZZA DEATH (Australia) play songs about 3 things:
1. Pizza
2. Death
3. And death by pizza

Mixing crossover, thrash and early 80s hardcore punk their songs are short, fast and to the point.

Featuring members of Wolfpack, Hailgun & Pissrash, Pizza Death are here purely to bring 20 cheesy tracks of thrashin pizza madness and death to all.

Death by slice!

PIZZA DEATH (AUS) - Reign Of The Anticrust LP
LP, Disdain Records, 2023
- Secret Ooze Green,  Red or Blue vinyl

CD, Disdain Records, Jewel case w/booklet, 2023


 Season Of Mist order up next!

See for available stock.

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New stock includes;

Tsjuder - Helvegr / Black or Crystal clear & white marbled vinyl, CD Digibox, CD Digisleeve, Cassette Tape

Gaerea - Gaerea / Black or White vinyl, CD Digipak
Gaerea - Unsettling Whispers / Black or Silver & black marbled vinyl, CD Digipak

Rotting Christ - The Apocryphal Spells / 3xLP Black or Crystal transparent triple vinyl, 2xCD Digipak

Deströyer 666 - Six Songs with the Devil / Black or Glass transparent vinyl, CD Digipak

Brodequin - Festival Of Death / Black or Gold and marble orange vinyl, CD Digipak
Brodequin - Instruments Of Torture / Black or Silver & black marbled vinyl, CD Digipak
Brodequin - Methods Of Execution / Black or Silver vinyl, CD Digipak


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