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ISENGARD - Vårjevndøgn CD

Peaceville Records

ISENGARD - Vårjevndøgn CD


CD, Peaceville Records, Jewel case, w/OBI strip, Recorded between 1989 - 1993, 2020

Norwegian Epic Heavy Metal

CD with booklet including liner notes from Fenriz (explaining the origins of the release, the recording process, and providing some background into his influences at the time).

'A few words from Fenriz

“Ladies and Gentlemen metal maniacs, it’s Fenriz here. It has been 25 years since the last one but finally my 3rd solo album has materialized on this earth. All tracks in the old trusty Necrohell studio soundscape as well. How did this come to be?

Well, since 1992 or 1993 I had been thinking about this full on HEAVY metal track I recorded to sort of show that I too could make this style and that it meant a lot to me. But i could never find it, it seemed lost forever. the first 25 years I just figured it had been deleted by accident and the last couple of years I started to think that perhaps I just dreamt it all, that I never actually made it. And this led me to delve into the vaults of dusty old cassettes and I started to find loads and loads of material I had forgotten about. And then I searched even more. And FINALLY I found the track I was originally looking for. The result is an album recorded between 1989-1993, as the other Isengard albums also were. The first full track is solid proof of my eternal love for classic broad legged heavy metal and the rest is a varied display of lost Isengard tracks from ancient times.

ISENGARD as usual has a soundscape that needs cooperation from the listener to work with, it is not already chewed up and swallowed, here we all have to chip in and hack away to unearth our personal treasures. And this is one of the traits we call CULT METAL, the realm for those of us that enjoy lots of personality and authenticity.”


FENRIZ July 2020' -

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